I don’t know where to start this it’s really scary being this honest but I guess if I start with hello my name is Lainie I’m nearly 42 and I’m super morbidly obese (feel like I should be standing in a circle right now) in fact I’m probably super super morbidly obese but last year you could have added an extra super or three onto that, sadly though I may wish, it isn’t a new super hero I’m talking about, cos to be honest I wouldn’t get very far unless I could fat donate that would be great, but then again fat people and lycra is never good and anyway I can’t wear knickers never mind wear them over my lycra ha, so back too being serious & honest, takes deep breath I’m currently right now 33 stone 4lbs which I know, I know, it’s huge, but sadly it is by far not my biggest weight, in October 2016, last year at my biggest I weighed 47st 7lbs….. The tears are literally stinging my eyes, just writing this, I was so ashamed….I was literally existing and only by a thread to be honest, It’s very scary too think about the risk I was under at the time and still under now to a point, my district nurse Sue begged me too go in hospital I didn’t wanna listen I wanted to stay hidden away, so no one could see me and no one could hurt or judge me, I hated myself so much and was terrified but on the other hand I was slowly dying……so on the 8th January 2017 I agreed to go into hospital.