Today 15.6.17

I was wide awake till 4am due to toothache the whole side of my mouth was in agony after having a few doses of oramorph I fell asleep and woke up about 8am but still felt off so slept till 11am, my mouth felt much better but I decided not too risk it by having dinner, at 1pm my physio’s came or my torturers as I lovingly call them they know I’m just messing, least I hope they do cos they have helped me so much and I am so so grateful.

About 30 minutes later a couple of the health cares offered to wash my hair, I’ve never had a hair wash like that before and I know I never will again but it was very funny, sitting on the edge of the bed with far too much shampoo on my head and most of the water down my front, end result is clear hair so least we got there. I’ve been here so long now that the staff kinda feel like my friends..