It’s now 11.30pm and I’m sitting in bed with headphones on blasting Ed Sheeran as the lady was being sick, so I had too stop hearing it or I would of joined in, the lights went out about an hour ago and everyone’s asleep but me which is pretty much the case every night, I could have my night light on if I wanted but I don’t want too disturb anyone, plus it feels a bit like if you have ever stayed at your parents once you’re an adult and have your own place and they say they going to bed and they start doing that thing where they switch off everything around you and say if you make a drink or watch TV don’t forget to turn them off and unplug everything, so in the end you just think I’ll just go to bed and they like no stay up if you want and then your like it’s alright I’m tired anyway more cos you know that’s what they want you to do and then you lie awake tossing and turning for 3 hours ha, anyway today has been pretty quiet did all the usual stuff it’s weird it kinda feels like it’s been groundhog day for the past 5 months, one thing though this heat is melting me (hopefully) I must have been very wicked and it’s gonna get a whole lot hotter. šŸ˜¦