From the first day I arrived at the hospital I was put on this magic mattress it’s basically the transformer of all airbeds, it is filled with air and it has ridges like a bouncy castle though not as deep ha and also no-one try’s to jump on and knock you over 😂 it’s designed to help with pressure sores as the mattress blows cool air over your skin and it tilts you right and left every 10,20,30 mins or even an hour so your leaning on one side and then the other and it relieves any pressure your skin might be under, but also it helps with turning for hygiene reasons for anyone who cant stand etc, as it slowly deflates one half of the bed, so its easier to roll right or left which in turn helps the staff. They think that when it’s tilting/turning it can also help with draining of the lymphatic system as mine doesn’t work properly, so fluid builds up in my tissue causing lymphademas but moving can help, as it helps the fluid pump round the body and out like it’s normally should the beds not so great when your trying too sleep though and all of a sudden your moving the other way, or you watching something and it tilts you so you can’t see anymore, but it’s worth its weight in gold, in fact how much does air weigh?