Wednesday 21st June the day after my birthday was the mdt meeting ( all the various professionals get together to plan discharge) me and my daughter went too. I’m so excited about going home but I’m also so scared daft as that maybe, I used food to block out thinking of if I became unwell and how I’d get to the hospital, it’s daft really because I was so much bigger before and very poorly and now I feel like a different person almost, so the decisions made and I will be home in about two weeks, it’s gonna be great, I just don’t have a date yet but roughly a Couple of weeks.

Thursday 22nd June was eventful, the lady in the bed next to me who I know well, as she had spent 4 weeks in here with me just a week or two before, lovely as it was to see her again I was hoping it wouldn’t be in here, she became more poorly and had to go in a side room as her immune system was low. I’ve been asking everyday how she’s doing and her son, daughter & granddaughter have called in to let me know so hopefully she’ll get out soon. About 4pm the lady in the diagonal bed woke suddenly and her chest was badly rattling she was very distressed all of a sudden there was lots of doctors and nurses running around she got a chest xray and she had fluid on her lungs so they put her on water tablets, it was really scary I was panicking for her and I had to put my headphones on and close my eyes it was awful, it happened again the next day but it wasn’t as bad, hopefully all will be well now. Then the lady in the opposite bed who was very unsteady and confused (caused by infection and low salt) decided to get out of bed about 9pm I told her to wait for the nurse as I pressed my buzzer but she got up and then tried to get back on using her knee, she then spun and fell and smacked her head on the cabinet, my heart was in my mouth and I screamed of the staff, who all came running, they checked her over got the doc too check her and continued doing other tests but it seems to have not caused any lasting damage, thank god. So yeah that was an eventful day it’s a good job I was in a bed as I needed a lie down.

On Friday the ambulance service crew came as they needed to check me in a chair and stretcher for when I went home, my OT (occupational therapist) who is amazing, came along too and I was pat slided onto the stretcher and off and the chair would not be used as it wasn’t safe for me too step off the stretcher as I needed the sides out and it may have tipped as I tried to get off it, it’s a shame as I would have liked to walk in my front door but I’ll do that plenty of times in the future. It’s now 11pm Saturday night, there’s a new lady in the bed next to me she seems lovely as I talked her head off already bless her, the lady opposite is less confused today, which is great. I’ve been doing a meal plan for home today, did my physio today, my knees hurt a lot and for some reason I’m holding a lot of fluid in my lumps tonight, anyway best get some sleep I think…hopefully an event free day Tomorrow, everything crossed.