On Sunday the lady in the opposite beds confusion became worse, she thought she was on holiday and I said she was in hospital and her daughter had been the day before she didn’t believe me and thought I’d told lies to her. I felt awful and I’m not sure what I should say but I don’t want to be ignorant,  (on tuesday) she kept trying too escape and go home she is still very confused and keeps sobbing which is heartbreaking, there is someone sitting with her all the time now. She’s been much calmer the last couple of days the infection has gone so she maybe going home today (Thursday) but apparently the confusion can last up too 3 months, I think being at home can only help her memory it’s scary though what can happen from an infection.

On Monday my OT who is meant to be on holiday came in so I could try another commode sadly it wasn’t any good and so back to the drawing board, in the meantime I have to use tena pads which is what I was doing before I came in. My mental health worker came and we discussed me going home etc (although it may not happen now over ridiculous health and safety but I’ll explain that further down).

On Wednesday the OT (not my usual one as shes on holiday) came and explained that her manager had said no to the way they were gonna get me in my house. Basically there are patio doors on my bedroom and there is a grassed area outside, they were gonna use plywood over the grass with a ramp into my room, but the OT manager is saying that the plywood isn’t good enough in case it splits or whatever (they used it when I came out of the house) so again this is really frustrating and they are talking about a re-ablement flat for 6 weeks which could be in Houghton which is 30 minutes away., I’m trying not to dwell on it because it’s out of my hands but its hard not to. To add to matters I have another water infection so I have been put on antibiotics, my knee has filled with fluid so walking is painful, my washing machines packed up at home and the student nurse who is amazing has finished her post here 😦 I really wish her all the luck in the world she will make an amazing nurse. I’m gonna blast some happy songs before the Physio’s come and torture me again 😉