I’ve never really ventured into the whole spiritual thing and when back in January after being in hospital about a week I was offered Reiki as a complimentary therapy, so I thought why not, relaxing music was played in the background. I was told to close my eyes, breathing in and out slowly and she placed her hands on the front and back of my head, and told me to let my minds eye take me to a happy place whether it was somewhere I’d been before or somewhere my imagination dreamed of, so I did and at first I could just see the back of my eyelids ha but then it started spinning like a whirlpool in the centre and then I was sitting in my granddads sitting room and we were talking and laughing. I couldn’t hear what was said as it was like I was watching from the outside the window in a way, it was weird as I was the age I am today (he passed away when I was 12) I felt tears prick my eyes though they remained shut and the lady then placed her hands on my shoulder the heat from them was intense, the whirlpool span again and this time we were sitting on a garden bench surrounded by flowers, the sun was beaming, the sky was bright blue and again I couldn’t hear what we were saying, it made me cry (happy tears) the Reiki Lady moved her hands down to my elbow and wrist then knee and ankle each time I would feel intense heat through her hands, the whirlpool span again and this time I could see we were at the beach, again it was beautiful bright blue sky and full sunshine the sea was like clear water and the sand looked like beige silk, we were walking along and as the reiki lady moved her hands up from my ankle of the opposite side ending on my shoulder the whirlpool started to spin and I was back to the back of my eyelids and I burst into happy tears fully. I have never felt that relaxed in a long time, it was truly amazing experience and I would recommend everyone try it. I have since had it 3 more times the 2nd time the reiki lady cried she said she felt I let a lot of things go and she felt the sadness of it all, all I remember was a kaleidoscope of dark colours turning and then the colours all became bright like someone switched the light on. The 3rd was a different reiki lady, this time I saw loads of people I know family and friends they all had different expressions starting with smiling, to crying, frustration and sadness. I realised straight after it was every time they had tried to help me lose weight even crying because they were scared, they started to get faster till they all started to blur then it stopped and it was my granddad smiling at me, he then got smaller and further away and suddenly I was on the edge of green cliff top. I couldn’t see myself this time, there was a beautiful beach stretched as far as I could see like the one I saw before and I just flew off the cliff it was just breathtaking. I of course burst into tears I felt like I was free, for the best part of 30 years food has controlled me, jeez I’m crying typing this now but I know I can do this shit I have done it the past 7 months. I feel like I’m starting my life, I know I will always have to be careful but I have so got this and I will never go back….. In fact I have plans.

The last Reiki I got was just explosions of colours purple, white, green and yellows and I just felt totally relaxed and at peace with everything, the reiki lady give me a silver fairy necklace and some rose quartz, the fairy was to represent my flying and also I had told the Reiki Lady about a book I started writing years ago which had a fairy type witch and weirdly the fairy was exactly how I pictured her to look in my story which I guess must be an omen, maybe I need to dig that out and finish it… I guess I’ll never know if I don’t try.