To All the staff on ward B28.

Not only did you care for me but you supported me through the hardest times and comforted me through the tears, we’ve laughed and sang songs together (wheel on the bus was popular ha), told stories and shared jokes, so many of you felt like friends by the time I left on Wednesday (5/7/17), I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will be back but only to visit, walking down the ward strutting my stuff thinking I’m Beyonce ha ha!

Special thanks to:

Leanne D, Leanne M, Shannon, Stella, Jerry, Martin, Sophie C, Sophie R, Jade, Maureen, Nicola, Lynn, Marie, Angela, Lyndsey, Laura, Shelia, Sandra, Lillian, Louise, Danielle, Jo, Sue W, Sue M, Sharon, David, Steph, Jinsy, Christine, Ann, Adele, Kendall.

Emma, Mary, Kai, Monica, Danielle, Louise, Larnie, Dennis, Freddie, Pauline, Carrie, Karen, Melissa, Vanessa, Justy, Margy, Melody, Audree, Keeley, Sony, Shamilla, Kelly Tracy, Rosmin, Cherry, Elsama.

Junior Sisters
Janice & Carol

Sarah H, Sarah S, Rebecca, Laura, Rachel, Lisa, Bridget, Eva, Lynn, Vicky, Sue, Kristel, Angela, Abby, Melissa, Barbara.

Dr Davison, Dr Mansey, Dr Palfrey, Dr Ahmed, Connor, Naomi, Jim, Helen, Chris.

Olive, Jill, Deb Kelly, Elaine, Julie, Karen, Louise, Leanne, Donna, Sam and the rest of the team.

Thank you also to every member of staff from other wards who helped me, who I may have only meet once or twice.

Special Thanks also to:

My district nursing sister Sue for never giving up on me & saving my life and to the team.

My OT Andrea (lunch will be on me, healthy of course) also mentions to Emma, Sandra, Lorraine and the rest of the OT team.

My Physios Rachel, Fazz, Shirley, Nicola also mentions to Helen, Noel, Dave, Alex, Kirsten, Chris, James, Mckila. Alison, David and the rest of the team.

My Social worker Mikinda and the rest of the team.

The Mental Health Team especially Lynne, Darrin, Justine and Margaret.

The Ambulance crew both in and out of hospital.

I have no doubt I will have more thankyou’s to do as I go through the next part of my life, I really hope I haven’t missed anyone off but just in case, I’m sorry & I thank you too!