As some of you may know I came out of hospital on Wednesday night and I was gonna do a blog post about the ups and downs of that and whats happened etc but yesterday a very brave little boy passed away.

Bradley Lowery was only 6 years old he had neuroblastoma, he had battled it since he was 18 months old but throughout it he has smiled & laughed and been so so brave, no matter how poorly he was or how much pain he was in, he loved football as do I and so I first heard about him when he was mascot for our club (Sunderland) and also through the families facebook page. He became best friends with Jermain Defoe and also had close bonds with some of the other players, he united the footballing world and the nation with his bravery and smile he will never be forgotten.

My Heart goes out to the Lowery family, the slightest thought of losing one of my children is unbearable and I am so humbled by their bravery as I am for all parents who have lost a child, I have some friends who have lost children & I’m floored by their courage everyday to even just get out of bed and keep going, to anyone who is going through this unbearable heartache of losing a child I salute you all.

I was lucky enough to meet some truly brave people when I was in hospital and made some great friends, I wish them and anyone the strength to keep fighting whatever it is they are battling, life is precious and it’s the people in your life that make it that way, As humans we always get caught up in the matter of fact stuff of everyday life but none of that really matters,  I’m so thankful for everyone in my life, I have a loving family and some great friends, who I love very much, I’d like too say to them that I love you all very much and I thank you for your constant love, care, help and support and even the occasional kick up the bum when needed, if you haven’t spoken or seen someone in your life that you love recently then pick up the phone or go knock on there door, we really don’t know what our future has planned….

💙 Rest In Peace Bradley 💙
You were born an angel and an angel you will always be, not only did you unite the footballing world but the nation, fly high, with all the other little superheros in the sky.