Diet…….!! Ah now where do I start with this word, straight to the point, I think it should be banned from our vocabulary and never used again, it’s a torture word for all the fattening foods, in fact I can hear the cream cakes crying as I type.

I am sure a lot of you reading this will have tried a diet at one time or another or most of them as in my case and if your also like me you’ll have dreamed how fabulous your gonna look when you’ve “finished your diet” and this is the problem with them for me. I always expected to get off it and for it to end. Plus isn’t it the law of any diet that you have to start it on a Monday only, I mean you can’t start on any other day or you will remain fat forever and then you always tend to end it on a Friday night you know for your cheat/treat  day because you’ve been so good eating lettuce all week. Which usually ends up being a treat/cheat weekend and then come Monday, you may start with a healthy breakfast but by dinnertime/lunch comes your craving sugar and give in and then three months pass, you’re another stone heavier and so you start another “Monday Diet” and so it goes on.

I guess the only way any of these eating plans work is if you do them properly and at times I’ve done them a while longer than a day and lost a few stones but only to end up putting a few more back on in the long run. Changing to a healthier lifestyle is the most weight I have ever lost and will keep losing because its everyday for life and that doesn’t mean I can never have something I love because I pretty much do daily just without going to any extreme apart from my birthday and Christmas it is all done within my calorie allowance and so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people so I have added some words of wisdom below that I’ve gathered over the years, that really helps me and maybe it will help you to.

1. Make sure you drink enough water!
I used to confuse thirst with hunger as I barely drank enough, also don’t drink before food thinking it will fill you up if you glug a litre of water in one go, this is not the case you will only stretch your stomach and because it’s water it drains straight away and then leaves you more hungry, it’s best to drink and eat at the same time though separately I really hate it when someone has a mouthful of food and they take a drink too (Dad ha), when you do that the food mixes with the water in the stomach becoming a thick stew type consistency which if you imagine your stomach as a sieve then drips through slowly keeping you fuller for longer.

2. Be honest with yourself!
After all you’re only cheating yourself in the long run.

3 . Do a weekly menu and only buy what you need!
Even if you change a meal for another that was planned for later in the week because you had a hard day at least it’s still healthy and you’re not picking up the phone to ring a takeaway.

4. Make sure you eat enough!
Inhaling a big gust of air and having a sip of water is not gonna work, three balanced meals a day & two snacks (if needed) is what I was advised and it’s working.

5. Stop punishing yourself!
If you fall get back on, if you fell over you wouldn’t just stay there crying, blaming yourself for being an idiot for falling.

6. Be realistic!
I used to have a dream about a machine that when you pressed the button you would lose 3lb every time, I used to wake up and my thumb would be aching like mad it was the only exercise I ever did willingly 😂 if only it was possible but sadly it was just in my fairy tale mind, the only thing that works is doing it the hard way but it’s also very rewarding because you feel so proud of yourself.

7. Don’t give yourself massive targets!
I used to do this all the time before but this time I’ve just said as long as I’m losing (overall), where as before I would think right I wanna lose 5 stone by my birthday and then I’d only lose 3 stone and instead of thinking of the massive achievement of losing the 3 stone I’d be to upset at how shit I was because I failed to reach my ridiculous goal and then in less than it took to lose it I’d have gained it back and some. Now my goals are smaller and without time restrictions for instance I’m 205kg once I get to 203kg that means I’ll have lost 100kg 😲,  I also want too get to 199kg and get under the next kg/stone bracket but I no longer say oh I must do that by next Friday at 2pm, I know I’ll get there now, I’m not in a race.

8. Don’t be hard on yourself!
If you don’t lose, gain or don’t lose as much as you thought, your body is constantly changing throughout the day, always get weighed at the same time on the same day every week, don’t be tempted to weigh yourself constantly you won’t get the same result, if you do gain or stay the same look at your food intake and if it needs it tweak all it takes is a slight difference so don’t panic, it’s happened to me a few times so far and I know it will happen again, our body’s are very complex and they change constantly.

9. Swap your carbs!
Your body needs good carbs as it turns to glucose which is the energy your body needs to work, ditch the white breads, pastas and cereals for wholemeal and wholewheat, wholegrain, they so much better for you and won’t make you feel sluggish.

10. Believe in yourself!
You can do anything you want to.

I hope these help you like they have me, be good to yourself, you deserve it. 😙