It’s 2.30 am early hours of Thursday morning and I can’t sleep 😦 the heat is driving me to distraction and it isn’t helped by the mattress as it gets really warm so I thought might as well have a catch up.

It’s weird to say but I’ve been home two weeks yesterday, it’s just flew over, and there’s constantly been people here so haven’t had much time to think which is probably a good thing as I have a few family things going on… as don’t we all. Yesterday was a really busy day, the mental health team came at 9.30 am which was good, then the re-ablement team came, they help you do things for yourself however I’m stuck in my room and stuck on my bed again which is how it was before I went into hospital which I have to say is a bit frustrating. The mattress I’m on has to be switched off for me to get off and on and the control panel is at the bottom of the bed, so I have asked for them to give me a normal foam one, but I think they were worried about my skin integrity however I feel I would be able to get up more as I’d be able to get up myself as currently the air mattress is so thick I feel like the princess and the pea though instead of feeling the pea under the mattress, I’d have eaten it ha (well the old me would).

It’s so warm again tonight (Saturday) 2.55am and wide awake again, I have a uti again and I’m on antibiotics which foolishly I thought I was to take 4 times a day when it’s actually twice, I really don’t know how I confused it, I checked with 111 even though I thought it would be fine but I checked the nhs website and it said if you take more than one accidentally to contact them, so I did and all was fine, I still can’t believe I was so stupid.

At the moment I have a sweat rash under my boob (one of the many joys of having bigger ones) it actually started in the hospital and has got a lot worse, they sent me some dressing pads out and even my mam laughed and said they wouldn’t even cover your nipple, honestly they were tiny ha, I’ll see how it is by Monday and if no better then hopefully there’s something else I can try as I’ve never had it this bad before.

Right I’m gonna try and sleep because I still got to be up in the morning, Night all or Morning lol 🙂