Hey Everyone,
Not sure if anyone is interested but I decided to post some of the poetry I have wrote over the years, sadly I don’t have half as much as I should as I destroyed a lot of it thinking it was no good and at times I still feel that way and so I haven’t really wrote much in a long time, though I hope that will change. I have always had a love for writing, used to dream of writing a number one song when I was younger, but sadly my musical ability is none exist, I hope you like them and if you don’t that’s fine to, I won’t explain them as I hope they’re self explanatory 🙂


Cries of ‘WHY’ across the land.

Devastation caused by a devils hand.

Mothers, Daughters, Husbands, Brothers.

From every religion & in different colours.

Innocent lives destroyed in seconds.

Taken away by your destructive weapons

For you have not a human soul.

You couldn’t cause such terror.

Taking away the lives of all.

For there’s no explanation ever.

There is no reason ‘WHY’ for this.

And there will never be.

Your crimes against human life.

There’s just NO reason, See

You can’t take down humanity.

In life and death were strong.

For every time we’ll stand again.

Hand in hand, Together, All for one.

———-Unfair Tale————                   

I dreamed about the day,
when I’d met Prince Charming,
and he’d whisk me far away,
far away, to a land,
Where the sky is always blue,
the birds are always singing,
and the sun is shining too,
Where life is such a perfect place,
no hurt, or sadness there,
where love is like a fairy tale,
and dreams have not a care,
but now faced with reality,
where life is not a dream,
and love is not the fairy tale,
I’d always hoped it be,
faced with all the hardship,
of life and all that brings,
at times when all I do is cry,
and no bird ever sings,
I wonder how it got to this,
and where the years have gone,
then I realise, that life is never gonna be,
the way it was when I was young.

Shadows in the night

Eyes tight shut, to block out the view,
Hand covered ears, to stop the noises getting through,
Wishing and begging for a sign of daylight,
So the shadows in my darkness, will disappear out of sight,
Hiding under covers, feeling terror from a stare,
Hardly think I’ve took a breath, couldn’t, wouldn’t dare,
There’s whispers in the distance and shadows on the walls,
Running round and round above me, i couldn’t count them all
The screams are getting louder and they’ve become quite clear,
It’s getting very close now, the door handles moving near,
I peak above the bed sheets,To see my fate in view,
and what it is i’m met with, is a mothers love for you.

take care
Lainie 🙂 x