When I was in hospital, I met an amazing lady who I spent a lot of time with, sadly she passed away this week and though I am so sad, especially as I would’ve loved to have seen her again, I can’t help but think of all the positive things she said to me about living my life and being myself, she left a lasting impression on me and I will never forget her, and so this post is just me being myself.

The pictures I have included are before and after me’s, the one on the left are, at my sisters hen do (my house) in October 2015, 80s theme of course ha, I reckon I was 45 stone in that picture, which isn’t my biggest as you know though in case you haven’t read my previous blog posts I was 47st 7lbs in October 2016 but don’t have any pictures from that time, anyway when I first looked at the picture, I noticed I was advertising my size as it says big across my front it is actually dream big cos it’s a nightie, but the dream bit is partly covered, in the past that would have horrified me and I would of destroyed it and never would I of show it to anyone, not even family, now I just think it’s funny and true, I am big and I was bigger, I am surprised I let them take a picture at the time but I think it might have been the Smirnoff that helped with that ha. The right side picture is a still from a video I did in august for my friends 50th birthday. Really need to do updated full length ones 🙂

So everyone this is Me….
October 2016 – 47stone 7lbs
August 2017 – 31stone 7.5lbs