It’s strange how we are always looking forward to the next thing and never live in the now, whether it’s a holiday your counting the clock down to or a birthday, a night out, even just down to a day or a week to be over, think about what that would mean if time actually sped you forward to that moment, think of all the unexpected things you’d miss, like a rainbow, a cuppa, a cuddle, your child’s laughter, a chat with a friend.

Take 30 minutes out of your week and give a friend a ring or have a hot soak in the bath, or anything that makes you happy right now. It’s the little things that count and a lot of the time it’s the little things that stop happening, I’m so guilty of this too, I’ve missed out on so much and I don’t appreciate how far I’ve come because I’m too busy concentrating on the future me, but what about this me?? This me is gonna publish this post and live and breath in this moment right now and appreciate myself, my family and everything I have right now because right now is just Perfect as it is.