I’ve been trying to write a post on this for a while and not put more than a few words and one of the things, It was mental health day on the 10th October and we need to keep talking about it so that there is more help available and more people feel able to get help if they need to, anyone who is fighting through this stuff every day when parts of it scare you, it is a massive achievement and doing something that scares you a little only makes you stronger and if that’s just going out of the front door for 10 seconds everyday and building it up or not turning to food, drink or anything else then those little things add up everyday. I thought how can do something slightly different that scares me , so sorry no bungee jumping or diving out of an aeroplane, but I have decided to do the rest of this blog post as a podcast or a plog as I have renamed it ha ha. Don’t get me wrong I love to talk as those who know me will know, but I find it really hard to even just leave a answer machine message, as if there’s no response it makes me get a bit tongue tied and then a start to waffle and say daft things but anyway here goes, please click the links at the bottom of this post too listen, there’s two links as I missed some stuff out the first one I wanted to say.