Hello everyone,

So it’s 22nd November today, I’ve just debated what to call this blog post for the past hour and the only thing I came up with was Whinging bitch 2 (the sequel) because I kinda feel that’s all I do ha ha. I have and I am currently singing along to song 80’s songs, bit of cheesy pop on a cold Wednesday. Anyway I just wanted to update with regards to what’s been happening lately to continue from my blog post the other day.

As I explained in the last post I had a bariarics appointment with the dietitian on the 6th November, but it was missed due to the delayed ambulance, so I spoke to the dietitian on the phone, we went through my eating etc and she felt I was doing well, though I still worry about it so much, there’s just this fear that it will all go wrong, I know I haven’t done anything wrong but it’s always there. I asked her if it was 18 weeks for the wait to surgery from being listed, she looked on the computer and said that I was listed as urgent, though the surgeon had said asap to me I still thought there would be an 18 week wait. I mentioned that I hadn’t had a an Endoscopy which is where they look at your stomach through a camera down your throat. I believe it’s to check for ulcers etc before surgery, she said there was nothing on the system to say why and so she would speak to my surgeons secretary to find out what was happening the only reason I asked was because I go on a support group for bariaric surgery and everyone on there had one done before hand, she said if my surgery was urgent then I’d probably be coming in for my pre med soon so there was no point making another appointment with her as we had gone through it anyway, the only thing with that is I didn’t get weighed, which is crap not knowing what the numbers say now but hopefully it will just mean a bigger surprise when I do. I also asked about the liver reducing diet as I didn’t know what the restrictions were, she said I should have been sent it when I was seen by the surgeon back in August, she also said though it asks you do it for 10 days before surgery it would be better for me to do it 14 days before. I’m not looking forward to it as it consists of Milk, yogurt, jelly, clear soup and fruit, plus water, tea, coffee etc only with sweetener nothing else must be eaten by day 3 I’ll be sick as a chip but it will be worth it in the end.

The next day I hadn’t heard anything so I rang up and spoke to my consultants secretary she said she had left a message but I hadn’t received it, she told me that I do have to have an endoscopy and that I shouldn’t have been listed without it. I asked if that mean’t my place would be held on the list but she said no that I would have to be removed and re-added once the endoscopy was done, It’s a bit frustrating as I have just spent about 8 weeks on a list for no reason, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so instead of dwelling on it, I’m looking for the positive as I try to do now, so my positive is it mean’s I can have a proper Christmas dinner 🙂 ha. Every cloud has a Silver lining 🙂

So it’s now just a waiting game to see what happens next it’s not easy, I still have a lot going on family wise, but you just got to keep going and you can, we all can….just believe in yourself!