This maybe a bit late in terms of the start of 2018, however I wanted to do it more in line with my year lifechangingaversy, I hope you get what I was trying to do there, so to the future or at least the next 12 months. I’m not setting myself goals exactly because in the past if I did that and did make it I would always look at it as a negative, for example I set a goal to lose 5 stone and then only lost 3 stone, and ended up making myself feel so bad, that losing the 3 stone didn’t matter and I’d give up and though I don’t feel like I think exactly in that way now, I do feel we put far to much pressure on ourselves in everything we do, anyway I will break it down into sections of how I see things.

Weight Loss

My aim for this year is basically to keep losing, with no pressure on how much or by when, just as long as it’s coming off as I know I will get there. It was a shame I wasn’t able to be weighed in time for this as I would really like to know what my loss stands at but as others have said I will find out eventually and it will be a bigger surprise.
I have mentioned in previous posts about weight loss surgery which I had been offered and thought it was what I wanted but I’m not so sure it is anymore, I have not made a decision either way and there are reasons for and against but for now I will just move forward as I am till nearer the time.


Moving as in around not house ha right now things are on hold in terms of walking but I’m trying to sit round every day and do as many exercises on the bed as I can so I don’t lose all of the strength I have gained so far, I have my MRI later this month, I just hope I am able to get to it and then hopefully the damage is fixable, I really hope that i can get to the point where I could say walk to the bathroom for instance, I mean I was never gonna line up with Usian Bolt and challenge him to the 100 meter sprint but if i could get some independence it would be amazing, so I will keep aiming to get to that in whatever way I can.


As you all know I love to write, I know my punctuation isn’t the best and I have this tendency to let my brain get carried away and my fingers struggle to keep up and so I always make loads of mistakes and though I will have read this over a couple of times to check it makes sense you’ll probably still find something, but hey no-one is perfect and as long as you can read it for the most part, it works for me.
I have always wanted to write a book and a number one song in fact loads of them, I love music but have zero talents with anything that sounds musical in fact I can barely whistle, which is a step up on my mam who sucks in to whistle ha. I have no clue how to write music but would like to try though, I think I’d be better putting the words to the music that someone else wrote, but you never know so watch out Adele ha so my aim for this is to just keep writing as much as I can, from blog posts, to poetry and everything in between and you never know where it may lead.

Everything Else

I have put everything else in here because they are pretty much self explanatory and don’t need a paragraph each but they are just as important so I intend to do more of them, So here goes, speaking to and spending time with family and friends, we all lack in this sometimes for one thing or another me included and though I can’t physically go see them I can phone them and face time etc. Read more, whatever it is or about just read. Pamper myself, nails, make up etc always make you feel better I think. Doing something for someone else who needs it, I have helped out with an animal charity and I would help with anything if they need it but also look to doing something more,  but right now I need to look into what that will be. The last thing is take more pictures to look back on, I would never be in a picture before and would be horrified if anyone took one but now I just think I missed out and so I’m making up for it. The last thing is to sort my teeth out I have a bridge which has snapped and is just about staying in, I have made inquiries but it will probably take a while but at least the ball is rolling so we shall see.

Anyway this is my year ahead without any pressure, we shall see in 12 months as I will redo this blog and look back on this year and see how far I’ve come. Good luck with whatever you wish for yourself in the next 12 months.