Hey Everyone

So I was meant to have an MRI on Thursday 25th and again no ambulance showed up, I spent that day either crying or angry (was also hormonal ha) I have felt a little down for a couple of days, but I have finally complained about this as my district nurse keeps telling me I deserve the same care as everyone else and as this is the 6th appointment, I have missed either with the orthopedics or bariatrics in the past 2 months, which I have to admit is getting very frustrating.

There used to be two bariatric ambulances and I had no problems using them but they were decommissioned in January last year, and in place they added a bariatric stretcher to the patient ambulance but unfortunately I can’t use this because it has pull up lock in sides and because of my lymphademas they can’t lock the sides which without them locked in, it won’t fit in the ambulance as it should, There is another stretcher but it doesn’t lock in place on the floor, It is also an emergency vehicle and of course it has to deal with emergencies and so it should, of course it should I would never think otherwise, but as it is the only way I can get there, assuming they are not all in use at the same time could the ambulance crew from the patient ambulance not use one temporarily or if that’s not possible could the patient ambulances not be adapted to use both stretchers, assuming that wouldn’t be to complicated, so that I can get to the appointments as right now, I feel like I’m stuck in limbo and I so want to move forward.

It makes me feel so different like I’m not normal and that sends my negative voice in overdrive, luckily I can shut that negative voice up now, but its so frustrating. I should have complained before now but I admit I was scared that people would judge and just think it’s my own fault, but I have spent far to many years worrying about what people who didn’t know me would think, so they can sod off I ain’t interested, I will let you know what happens as I have a another bariatric appointment on the 31st which I am not expecting to get to but we shall see.