Hey Everyone

I have been asked a few times for tips etc on how I’ve lost the weight I’ve lost so far, I never really think of what I do as being tips but if it helps even one person then it’s worth doing this, Sadly there is no magic wand, though my god have I wished and dreamed there was over the years, In fact in one dream, I had a machine that sucked out the fat through a tube up your bum and every time you pressed the button you lost 3 pound, unfortunately I woke up from that dream exactly the same size but with an aching thumb, I must of pressed that button hundreds of times ha ha.

I finally realized the changes I made have to be for life in order for them to work, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nights out, birthdays and holidays, It just means moderating it and where possible making small changes to them.

I don’t know about you, but I really hate the word Diet, I think it’s always something I expect to get off from, I would always start a diet on a Monday, I’d normally decide this the Thursday before and then shovel as much crap in my mouth as possible before hand, I’d then start the diet on the Monday, stick to it till the Saturday (if I made it that far) and make that my treat day and  then consume the same amount of calories in that one day as I had the whole rest of the week, after feeling shit about it, I’d end up stuffing my face again the next day as comfort and so it would continue, months would pass, I’d be another stone or two heavier and then I’d start another fad diet that promised the world, Slim fast lasted the longest of them at two weeks but my god I practically had to get a bank loan in order to pay for it, the, shakes and snack bars are so expensive.

As for Slimming world and Weight watchers, I feel like they’re are a little better and I have done weight watchers before and lost 3st, so I know it works to a point it’s just a case of following it every day which a lot of people do and it works for them great. I have tried quite a few of there recipes and meals, they are usually very tasty but I don’t like how they don’t educate you or limit portion control.


What I now do is calorie counting, I am having 1800 Calories a day and I find it very manageable, I don’t ban anything as such but just try to make better choices, for example, I have a few low calorie frizzy drinks or crisps over a week, as I’m definitely more of a savory person than a sweet person, but when I do have something sweet, I try to choose something not to damaging, I feel if I just banned everything, I’d only want it more.


I also limit my bad carbs as best as I can, So basically I have wholemeal, wholegrain, Wholewheat etc where ever possible, so all bread, pasta, rice and cereal as these are slow release carbs rather than the bad carbs the white version, which give you a sugar rush and a bigger bum, I used to know those carbs very very well indeed ha. There is lots more good carbs in fruit and veg etc too 🙂

My Fitness App

I believe a lot of what helps me is writing it all down and I was doing that on paper and having to add up all the calories, which can be quite time consuming, but my fitness app does it all for you and I love it, When you sign up it asks for your weight and details and based on those tells you how many calories you should have, mine was 2350 per day however when I signed up I was doing 2200 and have now reduced to 1800 per day.  It also logs your water and exercise, and tells you how much sugar, carbs, fat, proteins etc is in what you are having too, I would recommend it to everyone.

Meal Plan

This helps so much it also saves you buying stuff you don’t need, I do my shopping online so I don’t ever have to see the offers on the end of aisles ha. I used to meal plan to specific days In that I would write what I was having each day, Now I just choose 7 breakfasts, Dinners, & Teas and a few things for snacks and pick out of them what I want that day, I think my worst habit is when I find something I like I bombard myself with it and get sick of it usually apart from eggs, I pretty much have eggs for breakfast every day, I love eggs 🙂 and they’ll a great source of protein.


Water is one I have always struggled with I think it’s because I literally overate that much that I couldn’t tell whether I was hungry or thirsty anymore, However that was then and this is now, I believe it’s recommended you drink 2000mls a day of water and I think I manage about 1500-1800 per day, but I just have a water bottle that holds 1000mls beside me, fill it twice a day and that’s it, I was lucky to drink 200mls before.

Everything else

I can’t currently do exercise and I admit it is not something that appeals, apart from maybe dancing etc but hopefully one day, I think I have covered the main areas I wanted too, however I would like to add a few other things:

Love yourself, you are unique & beautiful, No matter what you weigh!

Believe in yourself, You can & you will do this!

Forgive yourself, You’re human, We all make mistakes!

Take care of yourself, Mind, Body & Soul.