I wanted to explain why I find calorie counting is the way forward for me, Please note I am not a professional, some of this information is things I was told by dietitians etc and some is just my thoughts.

As I am sure you are all aware Calories are the energy our bodies use to run on, Your body is constantly using energy even when you’re asleep or sitting on your bum watching crappy television and eating Doritos (other brands of crisps are available ha) this includes me who is currently stuck in bed all day and night, it does this to keep you alive basically, so your resting energy is called your Basel metabolic rate and normally but not in my case, you would take your resting and active rates (there are online calculators that do this), so basically any exercise or activities you may do in that day, gives you your total metabolic rate, the more you do the more you burn.

All food contains calories, when you eat food you consume the energy stored in the protein, carbohydrates and fat molecules of that food, your body can only do two things with this energy and that is either burn it or store it. So for example if your total metabolic rate is on average 2500 but the food you are consuming is 3000 then because the body doesn’t need it, it stores it as fat, so in order to lose weight you need to reduce your calories to below your Calories burned forcing your body to use the stored energy or fat, It is suggested that the best way to do this is slowly at 1 or 2 pounds per week as it is more sustainable, In order to do this the guidelines recommend you eat 500 calories a day less than you burn.

All diets/health plans etc are based on calorie counting in some way or other even though you may not actually have to count them yourself, though not all of them are good for you, in fact you could eat McDonalds everyday and nothing else as long as you stayed under your total energy burned you would lose weight, but you wouldn’t feel very good because there aren’t many if any nutrients in that food but as an occasional treat it wouldn’t hurt you.

I limit my Calories to 1500 per day, I have just recently gone down from 1800, I find having a limit helps me stay in control of my eating, plus for me it gives me the ability to lose the weight while still enjoying food and if I fancy a treat I can add it in my Calories without feeling guilty about it, for example the 177 calorie creme egg I had the other day ( I Swear I have never ate a creme egg so slow in my life ha) plus on special occasions like my birthday, Christmas etc I relax my calories and have a few extras that I love, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, as long as it’s just now and then.

So I hope this makes so sense to you all & I hope that whichever way you choose to lose weight that it’s at least healthy. Take care & Good luck.