Well Mothers Day is over for another year and I have had a lovely day and been very spoilt, but oh man I feel so stuffed. I over ate too much and this feeling is really not good, I had my meals as usual then at teatime (5pm) my Daughter had got me a massive Sunday Dinner which was what I had said I would love for mothers day, It was beautiful, just the smell of it was making my mouth water, So I tucked straight in there was Mash, Turnip, Carrots, Pea’s, Green Beans, Spring Cabbage, Roast Potatoes, Stuffing Balls, Turkey, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy, It was Delicious & I ate far more than I should’ve but eventually I had to admit defeat, Much to the dogs delight. For Mothers day I also received some Chocolates & about a hour after tea, I opened them and had about 10 and felt sick, which eased after a while, I am not a massive chocolate eater to be honest, about 4 hours later I decided to get a cheese burger, I know totally stupid Idea, so an hour later it arrived I ate about 3/4’s of it and now I just full bloated and slightly sick It’s now 12.30am early hours of the 12th March, How on earth did I used to eat all this and a lot more besides that, I definitely had to much but not again, A treat is fine now and then and this won’t hurt me, but I really don’t want to feel this bloated again, I did leave a lot which in the past I would of continued eating as I never really felt full back then but that’s all changed now, forever.

Anyway moving on, I have been thinking about my Calorie in take, 3 weeks ago I dropped my Calories from 1800 to 1500, because I knew I was getting weighed that following week & though I knew I had done no wrong I worried I wouldn’t have lost enough or even at all, Since then I have been doing even more research on calories etc and though I knew dropping your calories to low can have a reverse affect eventually, I guess I didn’t really think of the long term affect of that as right now I am losing weight, but after digging a bit further I have decided to put them back up to 1800, I will explain why now, as I mentioned in my previous blog post about Calories, We all have a Basel metabolic rate which is the calories burned just to keep you alive without doing anything but sit on your bum, so this is calculated by various things, age, weight etc, So mine is 2490 just to keep me alive, now if you were active you would also add in the calories you burn in your daily life as I am bed bound there isn’t anything to add, so when I eat calories below my bmr or tmr (total metabolic rate if you are active), I will lose weight, it is recommended that you lose 1-2 pounds per week as this is manageable & sustainable, so 500 cals below your Bmr or Tmr is 1-2 pounds, which means I should be on 1991 per day, Now as most people weigh themselves weekly they can monitor there progress more easily than I, but I have decided to trust the science as it makes sense to me, though I am not going up to the 1991 calories I will go back to 1800, let me explain, If you drop your calories to low in comparison to the energy burned, what happens is at first your body uses the fat stores to burn for energy but after a few weeks realizing these won’t last at the rate your losing, it then dramatically lowers your metabolic rate as it’s main aim is to stay alive and then you start losing half a pound or stay the same, Usually people either give up at this point or lower them further losing a few more pounds before stalling again and then giving up completely and eating 3 kebabs and inhaling the whole crisp aisle in Tesco, believe me I have been there.

Hopefully this will work as I said it makes sense to me, If you reduce slowly your metabolic rate will reduce slowly as you get lighter and it needs to burn less just to function, I think the only thing that worries me is I have hypothyroidism and so my metabolic rate is controlled with drugs somewhat but I still believe it will work, I will let you know, hopefully I won’t wait as long to be weighed next time. Never thought I’d being saying to myself that I need to eat more, but I want to do this the right way for once.