The reason I wanted to do this post is because I literally hid from the world and gave up on life because of the fear that grew in my mind and the negative way I looked at everything, I did suffer terribly with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I still suffer with the anxiety to be honest, I think everyone does to various degrees. I had an horrifically negative view of myself, I’m not gonna say this is easy it isn’t especially if you are in a place as dark as I was, but I will say it’s totally possible because I am proof of that and I know so many others who are, you may think you don’t have the strength to fight but you do and you can, get any help you need along the way, but if you don’t fight for you then no one else can.

I used to be the most negative person when it came to life & Myself, I wasn’t even the glass half empty type, I was literally the glass that was washed dried and put in the back of the cupboard. I am no longer like that and view things as positively as possible even when things upset and frustrate me, as life does to us all, I try to look for the positive because usually there is always at least one.

Talking about frustration the other day I had a mini melt down because I felt stuck & useless, being unable to do get up and do things is really hard especially when you just want to wash your windows or do the dishes or tidy up, I mean I know who wants to do them?!?! but weirdly I do because I can’t, so I got myself upset and for about an hour I sat crying and I know it won’t be the last time that happens because it’s life, but it’s about realizing that crying & feeling sorry for yourself get’s you no-where, I know I did it for 16 years and I refuse to allow myself to go back to that place, so I pulled up my big girls pants & blew my nose and started to think positively again by doing positive things and focusing on the can and not the can not’s.

Small positive steps everyday, write down all the things you want to change, let go of any past regret, hurt and if you need to get the counselling to help you do that then do it, as sometimes someone can make you see something you didn’t see yourself and then it just clicks.

Let go of the things you can’t change because you can’t change it, so you need to accept it.

Pick something small and make the positive changes to help that and keep doing that with all your list and you will have days where you just want to give up and run away, but don’t just take a break for an hour or a few or even till the next day and then fight again.

Write down at least one positive thing from everyday and then read them all back, when you are struggling. It really helps to remind yourself.

Do things you like/love to help you relax and de-stress. I love to write, talk with family and friends, I love music, watching tv etc. whatever it is that helps you, do those things often. I did a positive play list of music, things with a beat that makes you want to shake your booty, I have walking on sunshine and Happy on mine among many others.

I did a social media post asking what keeps people positive I have wrote some of them below, I have added the photo ones and more to a pinterest board I created with this title, I will add the link below if any one wants to view them all.

Tell myself 5 positive things in the mirror every morning

Writing at least 3 things you are thankful for everyday

A year from now you may wish, you had started today

Look at where you’re going and not where you’ve been

Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey

I am ok! I am better than ok, I am worthy of respect and consideration not only from others but from myself.

Thank you to everyone who responded 🙂

If your reading this and you aren’t happy with your life, then I hope you find the positivity in yourself to take that first step and fight for your future and make it the best it can be, because you are worth it and you do matter, so make the next year a year will look back on and be proud, that despite the hurdles you are in a much more positive place. As when you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.