Social Media

I decided to go 24 hours without any social media and I actually survived!! Yeh!! honestly it’s amazing how much time we spend on social media in fact over recent months, I have realized that I am literally just constantly refreshing & scrolling through a lot of the same stuff, Like reading about Brenda’s rant because the supermarket didn’t have favorite cereal or twenty people telling you what the weather is like outside, Or Deidre crying about the kids not eating the food she just made then you look at the picture and think I ain’t bloody surprised ha ha! I am sure I post things and people think wtf at times. I have to admit it was getting to me. At the same time it is my main link to the world and being bed bound, it is sometimes my only link to what’s happening. I have decided that I am now going to cut my time online down and instead of spending most of everyday on it, I am aiming for no-more than 3 hours a day, so far I have managed to stick to that though granted it has only been 3 days but small steps and all that.

Weight Loss

Though I have still not been weighed again yet, I’m still doing exactly the same so hoping to be weighed before my birthday next month and to have lost more, I am 1 stone 7lbs off 20 stone total loss not so sure I will manage that before my birthday but as long as it’s still going down I’d be happy. I had a hospital appointment last week with the weight loss surgery team as they wanted to discuss my decision to not have surgery, I was hoping they would keep me on as for some reason having that as back up in the back ground makes me feel safer, I know that may sound daft in a way but if shit hit the fan having something there just in case made me feel better I guess, though I don’t feel like I would ever go back as I really don’t feel the emotional attachment to food anymore and feel like even if the scales didn’t show a loss, I would try and work out why that was and adjust accordingly. Anyway the hospital thought in there opinion I should have the operation but I still wanted to continue doing it on my own, so they have removed me from the service, which is totally understandable and to be honest I was totally fine with it, which is not how I thought I’d be.


I have so many appointments over the next couple of months it’s madness, but basically all those years I didn’t deal with any of it and now I actually care about myself and want to sort these things and be the best version of me I can be. I am so grateful to everyone for there help it’s amazing.

Eye Test
I have not had an eye test in about 12 or more years and recently I have been having some trouble with my eyes, I keep getting recurring blood shot, aching eyes its probably happened half a dozen times but more recently in the last few weeks also my eyes blur at small writing and so I am having a eye test at home later this month, so we shall see what happens.

I am continuing my work with the physio doing 2/3 sessions a week though I do the exercises everyday, in the hope to get the strength in my legs to be able to stand again and then step round at least, so I can escape this room more often. We also discussed the possibility of a ceiling hoist but she feels that there is clear strength in my legs and I feel this to even though they are extremely painful, I will keep trying unless it’s not possible and though the thought of a hoist scares the life out of me, if needs must and all that then I will use it.

I haven’t seen the specialist since I was in hospital but hopefully I will be able to have the compression stockings to help drain the fluid now, as before I was to high risk, also I believe there is a self massage technic that can be done to, so roll ( or should I say rub lol) on July to find out.

Knee Specialist
I have received my appointment to see the knee specialist which is for later this month and so much quicker than I expected, anyway I hope he confirms what the other consultant said and once I have lost more weight does offer me knee replacements. It’s a no brainier to me I can’t walk and even if I do get back on my feet the pain and issues with them means I will never be able to do more than a few steps at most, so it’s got to be worth it.

I have a pulling/numbness in the pad of my foot nearest my little toe, I have been told it could be a tendon or ligament but also my feet are so dry and my nails need checking so they are coming out next month.

I have a few teeth missing in the back and one with part of the tooth left, I also have a bridge over the teeth in the front, it is in two parts and is loose on both sides which means it isn’t gonna last much having said that it’s been in since I was 18 and was mean’t to be replaced after 10 years so it’s now 25 just about. Anyway in July I am getting the bit of tooth removed and some xrays done, they were gonna need to do a mould but she thinks it might pull the bridge out so so gonna do xrays first, thing is if it did she said she could make something in a week if that were the case but needs must and all that.

I have recently changed doctors and so had to have a medical which is for later this month, I am hoping to be able to reduce the diuretics I’m on as I had asked my previous doctor about this a few times and he would just fob me off but it really worries me about the long term affects on my kidneys.

Anyway I’ve been trying to think of any new blog posts, I could do so please let me know if there is anything you’d like to know.

Take Care Everyone