Wow! A year ago today I started this blog, it’s amazing how quickly time flies. I remember how nervous I was when I started this scared of what people might think of me, I have to say I have been overwhelmed with the support, understanding and love I’ve received. I was actually expecting some negativity and I have have not had one negative response, which is amazing.


As you can see above I have past 10,000 views and over 3000 visitors which is phenomenal, though the majority are from the Uk & Usa, I have had Australia, France, Africa and millions of other places.

I’d like to thank you all for reading and continuing to read the waffle I write, thank you for all the comments, likes, messages etc, I really do appreciate it and I hope you will continuing reading in the year to come, whatever that may bring.

Shameless plug here ha If you haven’t already please follow me via email or WordPress and if you like any of my posts or you have anything to ask or comment please do, I really enjoy reading & replying to them all.

Lainie x