Motivation… We all want it and need it right? Yet when we need it the most it’s usually the time it disappears and is no-where to be found. So is motivation real? or is it the name we give to a group of separate things we do to keep us going.

We all have a comfort zone or mode that our brain sort of goes through on automatic pilot because it is used to being there it’s comfortable and has a cosy blanket to wrap you up in and keep you safe, it also can hold you back if anything scares you. That same comfort zone/mode also accounts for a lot of things you don’t really think about it, for instance have you ever ate things you forgot you had because you grab it automatically, usually while doing something else, then later on your starving and you tell someone you haven’t eaten anything, they then remind you that you actually had a cheese & onion pasty, 3 bags of crisps and a chocolate bar or maybe you’ve arrived at a destination on a route you know so well and you can’t actually recall doing the steps it took to get there because your brain doesn’t really have to think about it.

These behaviour patterns in our minds are repetitive habits and it’s where our brain likes to be,  but they are also changeable, this is where we assume motivation is needed or will power is key.  Personally I think it’s about being aware, making a decision and doing it. Your brain is gonna sabotage you because it likes the easy auto pilot mode and so will try to pull the emergency break on you especially with anything that brings up your fear because it is designed to protect us, which is where anxiety holds us back from so much, anyway before I end up going on about a load of other subjects I will explain.

So you want to change something…. let’s say it’s your weight, you’ve made the decision and you make plans to do it, at the start of anything we are usually always super up for the challenge. You are now motivated and what usually happens is we make some mistakes at the start by putting to much pressure on ourselves, wanting instant results or setting ridiculous targets we can’t reach. We literally go from zero to a million, which mostly ends up with disappointment, you can guarantee when that happens your motivation will have packed up and left leaving you crying into a tub of ice cream. I think you have to be aware, logical and realistic and know that you aren’t gonna lose 14lbs every week and there is no machine that will make you instantly slim believe me I’ve been hoping for that for a long time….. but know that any loss is a step in the right direction and you shouldn’t be disappointed because you are losing weight which is what you want. Making small consistent changes forever, that doesn’t mean you can never have something you love or that if you had a shit day and half a packet of biscuits fell in your mouth that it means you have failed, it doesn’t it just means you are human and it’s about what you do after that. Accepting it, not punishing yourself for it and realising that it hasn’t spoilt how far you’ve come and then making the decision to move forward. We are not perfect so don’t expect to be but at the same time be aware so that you aren’t going totally off progress, I haven’t been perfect along the way but I have been mostly consistent and I so therefore I’m making progress.

I guess what I’m saying is motivation/will power for me is about having something you really want to happen, making a decision to do it, then making consistent changes to what you are currently doing to make it happen, whilst being aware, using your logic so as not have unrealistic expectations and realising that progress is progress no matter how small it is or how long it takes.

Not really sure if that’s totally understandable  to everyone but it is how I view it, thank you all for reading. I’ll be back soon with a catch up. Take care 🙂

Big thanks to Indie for asking me the question 🙂