Hey Everyone,

In my last blog post I spoke about how I’m an admin for the obesity charity Hoop. Knowing only too well how our mental health affects our ability to lose weight. I decided to come up with The Positivity Plan, as trying to view things with a positive mind really helps me and so I thought it could help others too. I decided to put together the things that helped me into 3 steps so that it was easy to follow and it helped quite a few members over the 6 weeks I ran it. however you could do this yourself and in a time frame that suits you. I will now go through each step. All you need to take part is a notepad, a jar or envelope or something you can seal shut, some sheets of paper and a pen.

Step 1
Follow the instructions below.


Step 2 (part 1 & 2)
Complete straight after Step one and keeping adding more things in your notebook anything that has a positive effect on you.

Step 3
After 5 weeks or whenever you feel ready to do so, this could be after 2 weeks or 10 weeks it’s entirely up to you when you feel ready, follow the instructions below.

Continue to take a piece of paper out of your jar etc whenever you feel able until hopefully the jar becomes empty. I hope that some of you will try this as it really does help, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask as I will help if I can, I will add my email address in case anyone does not want to ask them on here. Thank you& until next till take care 🙂 xx

Email – biggirlsreallydocry@gmail.com