Hi Everyone

I mentioned this in my last post and though I still have over 6 years until I’m 50, I wanted to put this on here so hopefully I can tick them off as the years go along. Now unlike most peoples lists mine is going to be mostly everyday things but given my previous mental health and physical issues they are things I haven’t done in years or have never done. They aren’t in any order of preference as I think that would be impossible for the most part, so here goes:

1. Leave My Bedroom – Achieved 23rd May 2019
(This is something I haven’t done in over a year and it would just be nice to go into another room in the house, even if it is via a wheelchair.) It was amazing to get outside again I cried and couldn’t stop being and though it was only for 10 minutes it was just fantastic.

2. Go Outside On My Own – Achieved 23rd May 2019
(I have not done this in over 8 years I think, even if it’s just to go up and down the street in my wheelchair.) It was absolutely amazing so much so I cried. I can’t begin to put into to words how much it mean’t to me. 

3. Visit My Parents – Achieved 22nd August 2019
(I have not visited them in years and I have not seen there new home) This was truly amazing I hadn’t see them in just over a year and it was one of the may things I wanted to do, so I surprised them and they were over the moon as was I. 

4. Go In The Shower – Achieved 15th November 2019
(Not been in the shower in years and I’m so sick of the bed washes. however I think I will just want to sit there for hours once I get in) This was so amazing I can’t begin to say how amazing, just wanted to stay in forever 🙂

5. Go To The Shops – Achieved 19th August 2019
(Haven’t done this in over 12 years) Went to B & M spent £50 it was amazing to get back out there again but such a sensory overload to as I didn’t know where to look. 

6. Learn To Play The Keyboard.
I always wanted to learn.

7. Get A Tattoo.
To represent changing my life.

8. Go To A Football Match.
I’m a massive Sunderland fan and I haven’t been to watch a match at the Sol.

9. Write A Book Or Short Story.
I love to write and have always wanted to write something more.

10. Go See A Musical.
Love musicals but I’ve never seen one live.

11. Go To A Concert.
Again something I’d love to do that I have never done.

12. Raise Money For Various Charities.
Though I currently do this, there are a few charities I have in mind.
Mental Health, Children’s, Animal’s, Dementia and Cancer. I have substantially helped two of these charities so far but would like to continue doing so.

13. Go To The Cinema – Achieved 21st January 2020
I haven’t been to the cinema since 2001. Went to see bad boys for life it was fab to go again 🙂 

14. Get Weighed – Achieved 29th March 2019
(Next month will mark a year since I got weighed as it seems impossible when you can’t stand up) I had gained a stone when I finally got weighed I was disappointed but determined to rectify it and the biggest part of it there was no downward spiral of negative thoughts. 

15. Go To My Brothers And Sisters House.
Haven’t been to their houses in years and have never seen my brothers new house which he’s lived in for years.

16. Go On Holiday.
Haven’t had a holiday in 20 years.

17. Visit Friends
They always have to come to me.

18. Go to the Pub – Achieved 30th August 2019 
(I haven’t been out since I was 26) Went to the Grange pub, though I only sat outside and had a diet coke it was still going to the pub and I’m sure there’ll be more to trips to the pub to come. 

19. Go under 20 stone
Having my weight start with a one in front would be amazing.

20. Read More Books.
I used to read loads and now I think it’s been less then a book a year.

21. Do More Distance Learning Achieved 10th December 2019
I did one on Health and Nutrition last year but would like to do more. I completed a Common Health Conditions Level 2 just waiting for my certificate. 

22. Cook – Achieved 8th December 2019
Haven’t done this for years but hopefully with the Wheelchair I will be able to even if I need a little help. I made a Turkey Meatloaf & roasted veg & also a week or so later made cheese & fruit scones. 

23. Try New Recipes.
I tend to stick to what I know so once I’m able to cook a little I’d like to try new recipes.

24. Go See My Dog Run – Achieved 19th June 2019
(Jasper loves to run and I have only ever really see it on video so can’t wait to go with my daughter on his walk.) We went to Thompson Park and I got to see him ran which was amazing I’ve since seen him run a number of times. 

25. Go To The Beach – Achieved 30th September 2019
(I love the beach and I only live a five minutes away by car but I haven’t seen it for about 15 years.) It was truly fantastic to see the beach & sea, hear the water and smell the sea. It brought back memories of when I was young and my kids were young.

26. Go Out For A Meal
Haven’t done this for years and I have never been to a proper restaurant so that would be nice even just as a birthday treat.

27. Give Blood – Tried 1st October 2019
(If we can then we should) I tried but unfortunately as I have had a blood transfusion after giving birth after 1980 it said I was not able.

28. Carry A Donor Card – Achieved 1st October 2019
(If I can help someone when I’m gone then why not) The law has changed now, so you have to opt out if you don’t want to donate your organs, so I have downloaded the card online to share on social media so everyone is aware that if I can help after I’m not here I want to. 

29. Go To Town – Achieved 29th November 2019 
(Never been for over 12 years and it’s changed so much) Crossing the bridge was scary but so worth it. I went in to a few shops and through our local shopping centre.

30. Go To A Car Boot.
I love a bargain and a good rummage so these are right up my alley.

31. Buy Clothes From The High Street. 
I don’t think I’ve done this since my late teens preferring to shop from Catalogues so I could hide.

32. Challenge My Writing
I love to write and I think challenging myself with subjects either for poems or stories is a great way to stretch your imagination.

33. Visit At Least Five Different Places.
I’d love to tour round the UK but I think that maybe to bigger a dream given how things are now so I figure even a few places nearby would be great.

34. Stand Up.
Not sure if this will happen but I will try everything to make it happen.

35. Walk.
Again not sure if this will ever happen but I will try everything to make it happen.

36. Have A Pamper Day.
Go get my nails done or a spa or similar as I’ve never done those.

37. Speak In Public.
Not sure how I would do this as yet and to be honest it is something that terrifies me but I have a recurring dream where I’m at the front of a room full of people doing a talk and they say you should do the things that scare you.

38. Go Out For Afternoon Tea.
Again this is not something I’ve done but it always looks lovely.

39. Write A Song.
I’ve always wanted to but never been very musically talented hence learning the keyboard.

40. Do A Post On You Tube – Achieved 24th August 2019
(Not sure how or what about but I’d like too again this scares me yet for others comes so naturally.) It’s amazing that I did this and have done more and started even liking it as someone who couldn’t take a picture it’s truly madness to me but it’s been great and the response has been 99% positive. 

41. Be Half The Person I Was.
Only in weight that is, but it will be great to say it and see it, shows how far I will have come.

42, Make Something.
I know this isn’t very specific but I would really like something that I have made. That involves being creative but not involving writing.

43. Revisit Memories.
By this I mean, places I lived, played and went to as a child.

44. Go To See A Comedy Show.
I love a lot of different comedians and would love to see one live.

45. Redo My Room.
Update my bedroom as it is dire need, however other areas of the house are in that queue before hand and so my bedroom get’s pushed to the bottom of the pile.

46. Send A Letter – Achieved May 2019
(Write a letter to someone as a nice surprise as no one really send letters anymore.)
Wrote & received a letter to a lovely friend I met online.

47. Go Swimming.
Not sure if this is possible given it requires equipment but it won’t hurt to try.

48. Go Out In The Snow.
Not sure if this is possible but again it won’t hurt to try.

49. See Something Amazing.
Not sure what but I’m sure sure I’ll remember if I do.

50. Inspire Others.
To help people believe in themselves.

So that’s my 50 if I hit them all by the time I’m 50 it will make my life never mind my birthday, Fingers crossed.