Well what an eventful few weeks it’s been. It seems that life truly just goes up and down like a roller coaster at times and we just have to hold on as best we can.

So where to start. As I have mentioned before I have ongoing worries with family members sadly it’s mostly age related and unfortunately not a lot can be done. I am just trying not to focus on it as I know it won’t help.

In better news my leg finally unlocked which means I can sit round on the edge of the bed and build my sitting tolerance because I now have a hoist yayyy. It was finally put in a few weeks ago, I have sat in wheelchair once but at the moment it is making me dizzy and shaky just to sit round for 5 minutes so will need to keep building. My legs and feet also become mottled, my feet sting and itch. I assume it’s the circulation in my legs as I have not sat round for ages. I tried out a shower chair today and the same thing happened, but I can’t wait to go in the shower that will be amazing. Firstly though I need the sling changing as the current one cuts into my legs and is extremely uncomfortable because of the lymphdema but it’s only temporary to try things so I can bare it.

I went to see my Knee specialist in January, I know I finally got to an appointment and we talked about what to do. He wanted me to have steroid injections in my knees to help with pain this was prior to my knee unlocking though there was massive improvements. I really wasn’t keen for a number of reasons the first being the affect on my mental health as there are no guarantees that it would work at all or the length of time it did, if that were the case I was sort of told not at all to 6 months. Plus when speaking to my physio she pointed out that if it did work and it masked the pain I wouldn’t know what long term damage I was doing to my already crumbling knees which could in the long term prevent them being replaced and so with the improvements in my the locking I decided to cancel and try myself without the injection that way if it was to much I could stop and not damage them much further as the pain would tell me when to rest, it is my intention to try and get back up again.

I am totally wiped out at the moment but I am doing a lot more physically than I was especially in the past couple of weeks trying different equipment. I’m hoping it will be much easier in a few weeks time the more I do it.

I have had frustrations with the refuse collection as the medical waste seems to suddenly be an issue since the start of the new year. So the Council took one of my medical waste bins whilst letting me buy a new one thinking it had been stolen. The bin men then didn’t empty the other medical waste bin, so I rang up to report it they told me they would check footage on vehicle and if they had indeed missed it they would come back and empty it, of course nothing happened. Which then bring’s me to 4 weeks ago when they brought my new bin and took it back again and again didn’t empty the one remaining second medical waste bin, so again I rang back I was told that I can’t have two medical bins even though I need them and they issued them in December 2017, that I would also need a medical assessment to get the one I have remaining emptied. I was told someone would ring me to arrange, which no-one did and so I rang back a few more times and then I was told it had to be dealt with by the 21st February.

On the 13th February there was a knock just after 9am I was half way through getting washed and the carer answered and explained this and that I’d be 10 minutes she said she’d come about the medical waste bins and she couldn’t wait nor could she come back later, so I covered myself over so she could speak to me. The medical assessment consisted of the words “what do you need?” followed by me explaining how I needed two medical waste bins only to be told I can’t have them and when I explained that I needed them she said she’d have to speak to her manager she then went outside to put a medical waste sticker on my one remaining medical waste bin and left me a larger recycling bin. I have since been told they will monitor the waste from for the next few weeks to see if they will give me a 2nd bin again. I have asked to speak to a manager as the who thing has been ridiculous plus they still haven’t refunded me for the the bin I payed for, so we will see what happens there.

My healthier lifestyle is good I’ve been within my calories (around 1800/1900) for the majority of the year so far and I’m planning on staying within them until my mothers day treat on the 31st March which consists of Sunday Dinner and so chocolate I’m really looking forward to it. Next week marks a year since I last got weighed and it’s not through the lack of trying on my part. I have made a complaint about that and also the missed appointments so hopefully it will change because it’s ridiculous and it makes me wonder how many others are getting let down in this way.

I think that’s me all caught up though I’m trying to work out if I’ve missed anything off I have a feeling I do but I really can’t think of anything, so I’ll catch up with you soon and if I remember what it is I’ll let you know.

Take Care everyone
Lainie xx