Well I got weighed on the 16th October and I have lost 3.5lbs which means it is going down but I have to say I was a little deflated at first as this is after 16 weeks.  I truly thought I would have lost more. I also realised that I’d worked out the stones and pounds total wrong last time by 2lb so it looks as if I’ve lost 1.5lbs. My total loss is now 18 stone 3lbs (256lbs)

It’s still all about calories in vs calories out and to be losing and I can’t be totally way off with mine as I am losing something, so I’ve decided I’m gonna increase my calories by a 100 for 7 days and then decrease them by double as this was something a dietitian told me to do years ago to kick start my metabolism and it worked. Hopefully when I get weighed again on the 17th December I will have a bigger loss ☺️